Professional Photographer’s Society of New York State

The Professional Photographer’s Society of New York State, Inc. was established in 1905. Entirely to educate its members and the public in photography and create, improve, spread and energize the discussion of knowledge among its members and the public. PPSNYS is a society devoted to the improvement of photography both as an art and a science. PPSNYS members are inspired to improve the leading benchmark of professional skill, morals, strategic policies, and client relations. This is a foundation for motivation, protection, community, and edification.

Statement of purpose- PPSNYS exists to teach

PPSNYS train photographers on the best way to become a better photographic artist, better business personnel, and envoys for the craft, PPSNYS passion for photography.

PPSNYS trains people in general on the advantages of utilizing professional photography in their organizations and their families’ portraiture.

PPSNYS train the individuals who wish to earn enough to live in this profession to run an honest and professional service.

What would be the result of learning? Lifelong friendships, looking for advisers, and bringing inspiration from the world-class talent and each other to get members to conferences and workshops’ continued education.

Indeed, PPSNYS is dedicated to teaching – however, so especially more.

Membership Advantages of Professional Photographer’s Society of New York State

As an individual from the PPSNYS, you are essential for a statewide expert exchange affiliation committed to business upgrade, training, and networking.

Here is a preview of only a couple of the novel advantages PPSNYS members enjoy.


  • Set-up with associated Professional Photographers
  • Periodically e-newsletter
  • Convenient participation reports on strategies and industry patterns
  • Members-only site resource segment

Education and Training

  • Periodic discussion in your locality
  • Nearby quarterly image competitions
  • Capacity to visit any of the 10 PPSNYS sections
  • Cheap summer workshop (Earn 2 PPA merits for participation)
  • Member discount annual conference
  • Provincial PPA affiliated image competitions
  • Genius permutation programs

Business Benefits

  • Member concession from our partake vendors
  • Proficient differentiation inside the business
  • Business name and contact data recorded on PPSNYS online membership directory

To get access to the advantages accessible for the members, follow subsequent steps, and become one of PPSNYS.


PPSNYS Photo Workshop

The PPSNYS School is available to all. An individual who isn’t a member is consistently welcome. To hold your place in your preferred class, download, fill it up, and print the PDF enrollment structure, and return it alongside your necessary retainer or contact the Treasurer/Registrar for help.

PPSNYS workshop trustees are focused on giving you the best educational involvement with the most sensible cost and have taken a stab at accomplishing that goal line.

Instructor of PPSNYS Photo Workshop:

Select your preferred instructor, pay conveniently by PayPal, and reserve your scope in the 2021 PPSNYS Workshop.

Directions to PPSNYS Photo Workshop:

All understudies are liable for their transportation to the workshop. If you are going via car from the north and the NYS Thruway, from New York City or Westchester County, click here to get an idea about a rout way.

Useful Information on PPSNYS Photo Workshop:

Must I be a PPSNYS or PPA member to go to school?

While there are various advantages to having a place, you don’t need to be a member of the organization to go to the workshop. It is better to look at or 

For what reason would it be a good idea for me to have a place with PPSNYS or PPA?

As a starter, you can save money by member discounts policy on your tuition! For considerably more data, please visit or 

What are the dormitories where we live?

Lodging for 2019 will be in an air-conditioned townhouse in the hills above the main campus. Rooms without air conditioning are accessible according to demand. The registrar allocates rooms, and every single effort is made to make any request to the roommate or particular circumstances. Bed cloth and a towel and facecloth are given, yet no skincare product.

For your room, you might need to bring additional towels, facecloths, a cleanser, and a fan. Numerous individuals additionally prefer to bring their cushions. There are no lockers accessible, and you are liable for your material. Your key will open the main building entryway and your room entryway inside as it were.

What’s the process to avail of a scholarship?

Scholarships are only available to members of the New York State Professional Photographers Society (PPSNYS) or their staff.

Can I switch to an altered class?

Yes. Any time preceding the workshop, you may change instructors giving room in their class for you.

What is the policy if I need to drop at last hour?

In case you need to drop later the refund cut date, then all the money paid will apply to the next year’s workshop.

What should I bring to the class?

For the class, that will rely upon the teacher. For yourself, PPSNYS will recommend carrying your toiletries alongside an additional shower towel. While the units give a towel and wash material and a solitary bunk style bed, they are still school lodging and not an inn.

How would I find support while I’m at school?

Inquire of any PPSNYS Workshop Trustee or teacher assistant. They can assist you with your necessities.

What do I do if I get there late or can’t get there until after checking in?

If you are not able to create it before registration closes, you can still check in.

Would I be able to utilize a camcorder in class?

No video catch of any sort is permitted in any classroom, even with the teachers’ authorization. This is a standard of the PPSNYS Workshop and will be strictly upheld. Still, cameras and audio recording is permitted as long as the teacher has no complaints.

Would I be able to bring my better half, kids, others to the workshop?

Yes, yet they won’t be permitted to go to the classes with you. Entirely registered students are allowed in the classrooms.

End Summary:

If you are serious about becoming a professional photographer, you should visit one of the nine sections of PPSNYS in New York State to see if it is right for you and your business. Joining PPSNYS is as simple as clicking on the “Join” tab.

You will get a warm greeting from PPSNYS’s highly talented professional photographers, and you will join a group of people that have usual interests. This will pave the way for you to become a successful earning photographer.

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